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"The app arrives at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the permanency of their social media footprints" Bloomberg Businessweek

"Taken individually the stuff we create is not always sensitive information, but over time, and taken as a whole, it can be." Zeropaid

"Perhaps where it will come into its own is in terms of marketing strategies for brands and celebrities" Wired

"It's basically an attempt to apply SnapChat's hugely popular formula — publishing a message that will eventually "self destruct" — to Twitter" TheVerge

"No one pays attention to my tweets after two hours anyway, so why would I want to delete them? But then I got to thinking, and I realized this idea has a lot of potential. Twitter’s inherent timeliness is exactly what makes efemr a good idea" TechNable

"If you're looking for peace of mind about every foray into social media or you want to say wildly offensive things and then deny that you said them, efemr might help you achieve some goals" Gizmodo

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